A good haircut matters more than you think. Your crowning glory is a living extension of yourself. It is your fashion statement and serves as a complement to your fashion outfit.

The hair is probably the first thing that people always notice when they first meet you. This is especially true for women. Having beautiful, luscious, and shiny tresses will always impress.

Having healthy locks and the right style can drastically change the way you look and gives you the confidence you desire.


It All Starts with A Great Consultation.

More often than not, what we like in terms of style may not be the one that is best suited to us. It is not just about getting the latest trend but rather selecting a style that suits you.

Sporting the right cut will be very much dependent on your face shape and complexion. You should also sport a look that exudes your personality; are you going for a sporty look or perhaps something that can aid you with your first impressions in business dealings.

Over at YOON, the well-rounded experts will first personally assess the situation and then proceed to tailor a hairstyle that best suits you. One of these assessments include identifying your face shape, as not every face type will carry off a particular cut in the same way. Depending on your shape, be it oval, rectangle, triangle, circle, diamond, heart, or square, the right style will perfectly balance and frame your face shape and enhance your best facial features.

The stylists are well trained in various techniques and more importantly, they understand Singapore’s weather and how your tresses react to it. This is very important to know as high levels of humidity and heat (natural or artificial) can damage your crowning glory as a whole.


Seek Versatility and Try New Things To Change Your Look

When you find your looks dull and want to spice things up, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is to try new colors for your tresses.

There two types of premium hair dye available; premium coloring or premium creative coloring. The former is great for overall color, hiding pesky grey strands, and retouching roots that have started showing. The latter is the one you go for when you want to go even further with styles like balayage, ombre, highlighting, or just multiple colors.

The stylist will first consult with you to select and create a look that you want. This will include getting input from you so they better understand what you are aspiring to look like. After the application of the dye, it will be finished off under a thermal machine to allow the colors to penetrate fully into your strands, achieving a lasting and natural look. YOON utilizes high-quality products with its exclusive products from brands such as L’Oreal and Arctic Fox.

You can opt between having a semi-permanent or temporary dye depending on how long you wish for your shade to last. If like almost all Asians you have dark-colored strands and you are planning to dye your locks a lighter color, you might want to consider going for the
premium hair bleaching process. This will help to ensure the end result hues are vibrant and prominent.

The bleaching service is a 1-hour process, this may vary depending on the thickness of your tresses, but rests assured that the bleaching products used are of the highest quality.

Protect the Health of Your Tresse and Scalp

They say prevention is better than cure. Save yourself the heartbreak of thinning locks or excessive loss of strands. With proper care, you can maintain your healthy tresses for as long as possible.

In order to maintain having healthy locks for as long as possible, a healthy scalp is critical. The harsh environmental damage to the scalp is cumulative over the years. Signs of a damaged scalp include poor moisture retention and an inability to disseminate nutrients and detox the follicles of each strand.

It all starts with knowing how to take care of your mane on a day to day basis. Below are some steps that you can immediately take to improve the care for your tresses:

1. Trim your ends regularly – many believe this will promote hair growth

2. Use appropriate shampoo – depending on your hair type, choose the correct type of shampoo. It is usually advised to use those that do not contain strong chemicals to harm your scalp

3. Be gentle – be gentle when brushing and combing

4. Eat right – a healthy diet has a direct impact on the health of your tresses

5. Be Happy – stress is one of the main reasons for a loss of thickness. Mental health is as equally important as physical health.

Should you experience issues such as hair loss or dandruff problems, you can consider seeking professional help early. For a variety of concerns you may have for your tresses, YOON does provide hair regrowth treatment and hair defrizzing treatment.

Do note that the hormones that cause the condition of your strands and scalp will cause the problem to return if treatment is not done on a regular basis. As regular maintenance is important. You can rest assured that the treatment process is safe and there are no
side effects.

You can find them at any of the three outlets conveniently located in central Singapore. You can book your first trial session for just $28. According to their website, they are open during public holidays as well, but to be sure you can simply drop them a call.


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