Will you kiss someone on the first date?


MUACKS!! Who does not love to kiss right? Of course, it is probably not the wisest thing to do right now with the current virus scare going around. But if you are still going for it anyway, do proceed with a fresh clean breath and moist lips. Bad breath with dry cracked lips to kissing is like obesity to yoga pants, they just do not go well.

Singapore is being perceived as one of the most multi-cultural and modern cities of the world. However, Singaporeans and the Singapore culture are by far not the most expressive or open-minded compared to our western counterparts. We hold back public display of affection or PDA for fear of being seen as “shameless” or outright brazen.

So when it comes to kissing, most of you will agree that it is not a common sight to see couples smooching away in public.  More so when it comes to meeting a date for the first time, you will probably wonder what it will take for Singapore ladies to kiss someone on the first date. We are just as curious. We went to the streets of Orchard to ask them what they think about kissing on the first dates, if they will make the first move and how they will reject a kiss. How about you? What do you think about kissing on the first dates? Will you make the first move?


A disclaimer: This video purely gathers opinions of unrelated everyday Singapore residents and is not presented as advice to kissing women when on dates. The laws in Singapore are very strict so you have been warned.


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