Why Blog?

Who are we?

We are a group of people who feel that information should be shared freely. We believe in the collective good and we believe that through blogging we can reach out to more people.


Why blog?

1) Exposure

Blogging creates knowledge for the general public. If you are a business owner, it helps you create a public profile. In today’s increasingly digitalised world, everyone has a website. Merely having a website will not help you build a brand for yourself. Creating great content for the public on the topics that you are serious and passionate about, that is how you can reach out to more people. If you are a travel guide, share about interesting trips. If you are a nutritionist, share about how to create a balanced diet plan. If you are a gym instructor, share about how to exercise correctly. Reading about your work enables the public to know more about you.

2) Expression of ideas

Did you just have a great meal at a certain restaurant? Want to share about the latest shopping discounts and great travel deals? If you received great service at a certain cafe, the best reward for them would be your stellar recommendation. Sure you can share your post on your social media. However, if you were to blog about it, add in some nice photos, put in some information and write about what impressed you, your post will go a long way to helping a great business grow!

3) Promote understanding

Every profession is unique. Everyone has their fair share of trials and tribulations. If you are a physiotherapist, perhaps you would like to share with the world how you go about your work day. If you are a medical doctor and if you are passionate about how you feel about certain ailments, perhaps you could write about it and let’s share your knowledge with the rest of the online world!

4) Promote a good cause

Are you a perennial animal lover? Do you feel strongly for certain causes? Feel free to express your right to freedom of speech. Let people learn more about your cause. The internet is not limited to physical geographical boundaries. A well-written article will go a long way to sharing a good cause with the rest of the world.


Is it difficult to maintain a blog?

Well, it depends. It is extremely easy to start a blog. However, to gain traction, you should be regularly writing articles. The trouble is, not everyone has the time to create a web page (even though it is not extremely difficult) or generate articles to place on their web page. The top blogs in Singapore generate an article almost every other day! To commit to maintaining an active blog of 15 to 20 articles in a month is not something everyone can do. On top of that, developing an aesthetically pleasing blog may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You could pay for a web developer to develop a nice website for you but if you are not going to use it often then perhaps shelling out this money may not seem worth it.


So how does Little Big Red Dot work?

We believe in the collective good. We will build the aesthetics, maintain the backend of the blog, ensure that the website works well, constantly improve the platform, ensure that our articles are indexed and searchable on search engines like Google. Imagine a collective effort. If we have 15 bloggers and each blogger were to contribute 2 articles a month, that would work out to 30 articles a month! Moreover, there is no mandatory requirement for anyone to contribute a set amount of articles every month. All you need to do is contribute when you feel like writing an article. Once you are done, we will optimise it for search engines (SEO) and ensure your articles gain the appropriate social media reach. We have the appropriate IT support to ensure that this is done appropriately.

Our eventual goal is to hope that the platform will turn out to become one of Singapore’s best blogs. If we do achieve this goal and we begin to monetise our platform through advertising and advertorials, we plan to remunerate the bloggers who have been contributing to the platform. Those who contributed more articles and good articles which had great reach will be remunerated more. Of course, this is the long term goal and only through a collective effort can we reach this goal. Articles on top blogs tend to have great reach. They are found at the front of Google search results. Only through a collective effort can we reach this goal.

If you are a freelance artist, personal trainer, freelance yoga instructor and you would like to use the platform for reaching out to your customers, we can create a business page profile for you to reach out to your customers. Just because you are part of our Little Big Red Dot team! This web page will be featured on your sign off at the bottom of each of your post. If you are looking to promote your business, we can allocate certain advertisement slots around the web page to help you reach out to people.

The collective benefit will only present itself when everyone does their bit. We hope that one day, someone who visits Little Big Red Dot to read about investing will find articles about exercising intriguing and perhaps he may contact the gym instructor who came up with that article?

We do not want a single cent from you. All we want is your time and effort to share your ideas with the rest of the world. Instead, we hope that we can one day monetise our blog to be able to pay you for your efforts.


So what are the topics on Little Big Red Dot?

Well just about anything. For a start, we have food, shopping, travel, health & fitness, parenting, social, business, invest and tech. Each individual category has its own homepage. So for example, invest will have a homepage www.littlebigreddot.com/invest/ and under invest, there may be sub-categories like stocks, bonds, properties. If you want to contribute to a topic that is not available on Little Big Red Dot, please inform us and we can add it in. If you are an active contributor to a certain homepage, we would like to work with you to get the right design and feel. For example, if you are a freelance yoga instructor and regularly contribute to the health & fitness column, we could work together to develop the right look and feel for the health & fitness homepage, www.littlebigreddot.com/health-fitness/.


Why don’t you hire professional writers?

We do not want to. We want articles to feel authentic. A financial planner who has more than 10 years of experience in financial planning would have a higher chance of coming up with a more engaging article about the benefits of saving earlier than say a paid writer. Professional writers can be writing about many different topics at any given day. They can write about running a marathon but they may have never attempted a marathon. Their content can be created from something they inferred from other sources. I’ve met professional writers who were writing about handling children and yet they have no children of their own. We want authentic articles. We do not want to spend money paying writers to generate articles.


Ok, so I am keen. How do I sign up as a Little Big Red Dot blogger?

Firstly, “Little Big Red Dot Blogger” is a mouthful. We call ourselves “Little Big Bloggers”! If you are keen, drop us an email at [email protected] and let’s get in touch!


I personally have seen the benefits of blogging. I have made many friends, it has helped me in my business and it provides me with an avenue for expression.

Yours Sincerely,
The first Little Big Blogger!