In this article, you’d see calculations for insurance coverage ideas for your newborn.

We’d be comparing between 3 AVIVA plans: AVIVA MyEarly CI vs MyMultipay CI III vs MyWholelife plan III.

The comparison is really for illustrating the insurance concept. Hope it helps you in your decision making.

If your child is already a toddler or a pre-schooler, don’t worry, the comparison points still hold.

Recap again on why you may want to cover critical illnesses for your child

It is true that because your baby is not a breadwinner, getting critical illness insurance coverage is debatable.

I did buy one for my boy.

If he gets a critical illness, I believe the claim payout will come in handy to give the family less stress. In any case, buying coverage now creates a first layer of insurance and locks in premiums rates at a lower amount.

So if you are also on board with insuring your child, here goes the comparison points…

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