What You Must Know When You Earn More Money! Lifestyle Creep And Saving Money!


Story on 12 pilots interviewed and a 50year old senior pilot used to earn $23,000/m. His expenses were published to be $19,000/m! It caused strong reactions on forums…

Lifestyle creep, what is it? It’s not as simple as #needsvswants It is something invisible and affects almost everyone. Just with different extent.

With increasing amounts of money earned, more money is spent. When your peers are having a certain lifestyle, that becomes your expectation.

Expectation of luxury goods and discretionary spending to be a right to have NOT a choice. Hence, it is perceived as a need not a want. To #savemoney well, you need to be aware of #lifestylecreep and limit it’s effect.

Athletes have been known to make money fast and spend it all away quickly. Story of Anthoine walker who lost $110m dollars Video: https://youtu.be/oNaw2bk39jY

Special tip in video towards the end!


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