You know they have that saying that goes

“some people are visual, some are auditory while some are kinesthetic”.

Well, I’m definitely the visual and auditory kind. So Youtube has always been my favourite social media platform.

And as soon as I got to know that kids these days aspire to become a youtuber (yes they do, more than become a doctor or lawyer), I set my heart on growing a channel.

You see, I already own one of the “hardest to tell your neighbour” job titles…

Yup, financial advisor.

No probs, it’s ok. (Handling objections and people’s reaction is one of the things I train my new advisers on)

So I thought, what if I can also own the “most ideal to growing up kids” job title

Yup – A Freaking YOUTUBER! =)

youtubers featured image

My journey in youtube…

When my channel was less than 100 subs, it was really hard to just get 10 more NEW subs in…

Each new sub felt so precious.

In any case just to share, people do unsubscribe.

So in growing a channel, it will never be a straight line up. Just like an investment portfolio’s performance…

Fast forward to today, things are VERY different.

Each night, there could be 10 new subs. It kind of grows consistently now as there is already quite some stuff in the channel for different audience.

But why the difference?

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