What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Niseko, Lake Toya)

What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Niseko, Lake Toya)

This is a follow-up post on my vlog for my Hokkaido Trip. And in this post, I want to put together the food I ate and I would recommend to anyone who is traveling there.

I am going to be putting them in the sequence of what I ate during my trip.


Niseko / Kutchan

We stayed at Ki Niseko for 2 days. You can check out Ki Niseko reviews at trip advisor. Ki Niseko is currently the #1 rated hotel in Kutchan-Cho. The rooms are spacious with a kitchenette. And we got a room with a glorious view of Mount Yotei.

Anyway, I want to tell you that the breakfast in Ki Niseko is absolutely delicious. Every item is meticulously prepared. Onsen egg, Salmon Roe, smoked salmon, fresh Hokkaido milk, etc. When I was there, I can see that the majority of the guests were Japanese, perhaps having their staycations in Ki Niseko.


Our first meal in Hokkaido. Pravito.

We had to wait about 45 minutes for our turn. Everyone is slowly enjoying their meal with this killer view in front of them.

 This place offers semi-buffet. You get to choose your main course and then the vegetables, drinks, desserts are free-flow. The vegetables are super fresh and locally sourced. Unlimited fresh juice and local milk yogurt!

My wife had this pasta for her choice of the main course. Chicken lago sauce pasta.

Porcine shoulder loin braze.

No. I did not take this photo after I am done with the food. This was how it came! I really think they can do better with the main course on offer. But I guess the idea was to eat till you are full with the vegetable buffet.

We paid 1,550 Yen each for this meal. Other than the main course, we were pretty satisfied with the buffet range and also the very nice ambiance in the restaurant.

After lunch, leave some space in your stomach for ice cream at Milk Kobo. It’s located right next to Pravito.

So this soft serve ice cream marks the first of my many ice creams in Hokkaido. Actually, I thought this ice cream was okay. Or maybe I was already too full. They do have a reputation in Niseko and thus the endless queue at the door.


Niseko Ramen Kazahana aka Potato Foam Raman. The stall was located not too far away from where I stayed.

The unique thing about the ramen was the layer of potato foam on top. I chose the spicy version thus the red chili oil on top as well.

It’s a cozy little shop and the owners are pretty responsive via their facebook page. Their operating hours vary according to seasons so it would be good to check out their facebook page before you make plans.

Personally, for me, it was good ramen but it did not overly wow-ed me. Given the choices on offer over there, it’s probably 1 of the places to go when you are staying in Niseko.


Lake Toya

Next up, we left for Lake Toya, where we will be spending one night there. En-route to The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort, we did a stop over at Shikotsu Toya National Park silo observatory.

You should pop by this place if you are nearby. Gorgeous view of the lake. Unfortunately for me, there was fog and I did not manage to get any good shots of the lake.

At this same place, there is a souvenir shop selling all kinds of stuff on the ground floor and there’s a restaurant on the 2nd level.

I think you can pick up this Bocca Yogurt Drink in a lot of places in Hokkaido. It’s super thick and not too sweet.


Lake Hill Farm. It’s a ranch with a cafe that serves awesome pizza. It’s made on the spot with the freshest of ingredients.

Their cream puffs and milk pudding were pretty darn nice too. If you still have stomach for more, head over to the gelato shop next door.

The ice cream was great and they do have some pretty unique flavors on offer. Sadly, no tasting is allowed.

Behind the cafe is a huge open terrace for everyone to just hang out and enjoy the fresh air all around.

This is the view from the gelato shop in Lake Hill Farm.

Finally, after a long drive, we arrived. The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort.

Check out the awesome view from the hotel room. The outdoor onsen was simply amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip. I’ve never felt peace more literally. (No photos allowed).

Let’s talk about the buffet. We find the dinner buffet a tad underwhelming. We were really looking forward but it just didn’t quite cut it for us.

The breakfast was still not too bad though. So I would say not to have too great an expectation for the food.


Okay, thank you for reading, I hope this can help you plan your Hokkaido trip better. It’s a long post and I will be putting up the nice food places I visited in Asahikawa, Furano, and Biei next.

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