What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Sapporo, Otaru)

The final few days of our Hokkaido Trip was spent in Sapporo and a day trip to Otaru.

The place we stayed was right in the heart of Susukino. Very near to the subway and a short walk out to many eateries.



Enroute to our hotel in Sapporo, we first stopped by Mitsui Outlet Park for shopping. This is a giant fashion outlet mall.

Wanting more Hokkaido curry, we decided to have lunch at Rojiura Curry Samurai.

Tasty curry soup with lots of fresh vegetables. 20 kinds of vegetables only or include other meats. There are 5 types of curry soup based – Regular (tomato), soybean flavored, coconut flavored, soybean + coconut, and cheese otaku (limited period).

Watch out for the spicy level, level 3 is already pretty strong!

Tonkatsu Wako at Sapporo Stellar Place. We were searching for a place to have Tonkatsu and we decided on this place.

Can request top up of rice, veggies and soup (fairly typical for this type of restaurant). Service staff was good and the restaurant is spacious and accommodating.

The radish is very nice, fresh and juicy. The mustard is exceptionally good with the pork. The pork was juicy and very nicely done.

There will be a bit of wait during peak hours.

Gotsubo. This place is famous and you must visit when you are in Sapporo. It’s a small stall located in the Susukino area.

There are limited seats in the small stall, most people will take and go.

You can have them raw or grilled. Large ones 210 yen each and regular ones 105 yen. Got free oysters when we visited.

Fresh and yummy!

Cremia ice cream. Best ice cream I had in Hokkaido. The rich taste of the cream spreading throughout your mouth and the smooth texture will melt your heart.

The cone is the killer. They use a langue de chat type cone, totally nailed it. It tastes the same as Shiroi Koibito biscuits.

You can find this shop at Tanukikoji Shopping Street. Must try!

Ramen Shingetsu. Located in Susukino, this ramen shop is not found within the ramen alley but nearby.

I was recommended to this place by my brother. The Shio Ramen is insanely good. Lightly flavored but somehow you just keep wanting more. It’s addictive. Try it.



We made a day trip to Otaru. To be honest, there wasn’t any food there that left us in awe.

Otaru is the birthplace of Le Tao. The cheesecakes here are light and fluffy. It’s good.

I would personally prefer Furano Delice.

The cafe is a good place to hang out and chill.

There are some stalls selling fresh seafood. Pick what you like and they will grill it for you. Fresh and delicious seafood.

Freshly pressed cuttlefish. Fragrant and chewy. Worth a try.


That brings to an end my 3 posts on the good food I had in Hokkaido. Do check them out if you have the chance and let me know what you think!

What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try

Niseko, Lake Toya

Asahikawa, Furano, Biei



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