What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Asahikawa, Furano, Biei)


What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Niseko, Lake Toya)

2nd part of the good things I ate when in Hokkaido. After Lake Toya, our next destination is to Asahikawa where we would spend a few days visiting Furano and Biei.


You must definitely check this place out when in Asahikawa. Genghis Khan Daikokuya Asahikawa. They have 1 of the best-grilled lamb steaks I have ever tried. The vegetables are free-flow. The meats are so fresh, juicy and tender.

Ventilation is poor so be prepared to smell after you leave the place!

Aoba Ramen Shop. This shop is famous for their traditional soy sauce ramen or shoyu ramen. After going through the reviews of the many ramen shops in Asahikawa, Aoba Ramen seems to be 1 of the more highly recommended one.

The service staffs are friendly and they do have an English menu. The soup was light and it kinda reminds you of home cooked food. Very satisfying.

If you are craving for yakitori, you can check out 串鳥旭川本店. They are a chain and have outlets all over.

Cheap and good food open until 0030hrs. Both English and Chinese menu available. We also visited the outlet at Susukino but this one at Asahikawa is way more spacious and comfortable.

Tenderloin and new menu beef and duck skewers are must try!!


Furano & Biei

You can probably find this anywhere but we so happen to pass by this shop while visiting Furano. So we took a pit stop and enjoyed some sweet and melty Hokkaido Melon.

The best way to eat it is to serve chilled. Shiok!

When visiting Biei via self-drive, 1 of the photo-taking stops would be the Ken & Mary Tree. Right next to it is a cafe called Pension Ken and Mary, I believe they provide lodging as well.

We decided to stop there to take lunch. They have this policy whereby everyone has a minimum spending before they allow you in.

It is open air seating and the view was amazing. We actually weren’t having much expectations of the food but boy were we wrong.

It’s actually at this place that we tasted probably the best Lavender flavored ice cream and Hokkaido curry.

This seemingly simple curry tasted superb.

It was so nice we almost forgot to take a photo!

Furano Delice. Best cake place we visited in Hokkaido. You must definitely not miss this when in Furano.

A must visit if you are a cheesecake lover or have a sweet tooth. Good atmosphere, well decorated and very clean.

They are closed 2 days a week, so plan in advance if you are visiting. You won’t regret the trip. I will confirm go back again when in Furano.

Sennari Shabu Shabu. This is another place you have got to check out when visiting Biei.

The meats are very delicious and the price is fairly cheap for the quality and portion of food. Beef shabu is 1,600 yen for one person and 1,000 yen for lamb. If you add only vegetables, it is 250 Yen.

This is where quality meats meet value for money pricing. Eat to your heart’s content.

These are all the noteworthy food places I personally recommend if you visit Hokkaido. Will be doing my 3rd and last post on the good places for good in Sapporo and Otaru. Stay tuned.

What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Niseko, Lake Toya)

What I Ate In Hokkaido, Recommended Food To Try (Sapporo, Otaru)



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