Unique travel insurance – Key benefit you must see!


If you just booked your holiday, consider the AVIVA travel insurance.

It has this one unique feature that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unique feature Free cancellation of trip with NO need for reason

According to the policy wordings:

Trip Cancellation covers loss of irredeemable travel and accommodation cost, and entertainment tickets paid in advance before departure from Singapore 

You can claim up to 50% of the amounts back –  in my interpretation after you have tried to get back all redeemable amounts.
Quick story

I once bought a group travel insurance for my friend and his family to Bangkok.

Weeks before the trip, his dad was diagnosed with cancer and the family decided to give up the trip to be with him as he sought treatment.

Was the trip cancellation compensated? Yes and No

His dad had an official medical report and it was easy to claim.

For him, his mum and his siblings, the trip was not compensated because it was deemed to be voluntarily given up. Hence, the AVIVA travel insurance would have been useful.
Some conditions to be met for claims.
– Policy is purchased before the date you made your initial payment or deposit for your trip, or up to 7 days after.  (This is super crucial. If past the 7days then forget it)

–  For annual policy, only one claim can be made.

– Trip cancellation is only for Prestige and Plus plans not the Lite plan. Hence, the travel plan is definitely not the cheapest.

– Maximum claim limit of $5,000 only.

Rider to cover for overseas wedding and photoshoot

I took my wedding photos is Taiwan Kaoshiung and it was lovely! 

So if you are doing overseas wedding, check out this optional rider.

If it suits then get it?

The personal liability for wedding guests is interesting especially if you are doing overseas wedding.

Just in case a drunk guests causes damage?

I’ve been to one an overseas wedding in Phuket before. But there weren’t drunk guests then haha….
Question: Must both bride and groom buy the policy?

Either the bride or groom to buy will do.

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PS: Do you have accident coverage? Coverage is worldwide

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