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First Time Trying Out Art Jamming At Arteastiq

First Time Trying Out Art Jamming At Arteastiq

Decided to try something new this year for my wife’s birthday. I have heard of art jamming but have yet to try before.

Did some research on the places we can go and chanced upon Arteastiq. There are 3 sessions you can choose from, morning/afternoon/evening. I booked a session for the 2 of us at 230pm. Each session last 2 hours. Additional time is chargeable subject to availability.

I am totally clueless about what to expect and I’ve also informed the counter staff that I’m a total newbie and have had no experience whatsoever. The friendly counter staff did assure me that it’s absolutely okay and just be there to have fun. Everything we need to paint will be provided.

They have 2 outlets and we went to the one at Mandarin Gallery Orchard. The art jam studio is on the left and there’s a cafe next to it. It was full-house, people were there for afternoon tea.

The canvas, brushes, and paints are all provided for. If you have no idea what to paint, there are catalogs at the back of the room for you to choose from. Once you have decided on a picture, the counter staff will help you color-copy the picture for you and you can start painting.

As you can see, I’ve chosen to paint a minion!

And if you would like to paint a picture of your own, you may email the picture to the staff and they can also color print the image out for you.

First Time Trying Out Art Jamming At Arteastiq

Nice? Hahaha. Don’t worry, there’s nobody there to judge you.

Oh, and did I mention also that each person is entitled to 1 drink from their menu.

There are different promotions on-going for different days.

Because it is my wife’s actual birthday, we enjoyed 1-for-1. Be sure to check out their promotion calendar.

I personally find it very fun. It’s a good way to de-stress or to unleash your inner creativity. More importantly, it is a good social activity to spend time with your friends and family.

If you are interested to check Arteastiq out, here’s their website:¬†https://www.arteastiq.com/artjam/


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