Tips to Building a Functional Website

Tips to Building a Functional Website. A guide for businesses. In today's digital age, a good website is essential for customers to reach your business.

So you have a new business that requires a new website. Perhaps your current business already has a website and you would like to rebuild it to better reflect the revised status or model of your business. When it comes to building a functional website, many are unfamiliar with the essential components. In fact, the majority cares mostly about the aesthetics of the website. But unknown to many, functionality of a website is more important.


Content Management System

A website should have a user-friendly content management system if regular updating is required. For example, an interior design company may want to upload latest completed projects every so often. As such, the website should provide for this function.

For an e-commerce business, you may want to include a portal that customers can log in to view or track their purchases. In this case, a customer portal is also useful for keeping clients’ invoices and receipts especially when it comes to warranty tracking.



Basic security against potential hacking should be set up. After all, you do not want unauthorised individuals entering the back end of your website and damaging your website. Having access to your website would mean that hackers could insert malicious codes that could compromise your website.


Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration

Having the ability to know who is visiting your website, as well as the demographics and location of your visitors will give you a huge advantage. Then being able to re-target them on social media with suitable adverts will definitely help to boost sales.


Live Web Chat

You may want to integrate the ability to chat live with your customers. Oftentimes, a customer may visit your website to enquire about a certain product or service. With live chat function, he or she can simply drop a message in the live chat message box. Your sales team will receive the live message on their mobile devices or desktops, which they can respond to promptly. They can even receive alerts when someone visits the website to initiate a live chat.


List Builder

Integrate a list-building application into your website. You may want to collect email subscribers by placing a welcome mat in the form of a sign-up or download box on your website. If visitors find your content interesting, they may accept the invitation to join your mailing list. Collecting an email list is very effective in building a good client base of future customers.


E-commerce Integration

Your business may require customers to make online payments for products or services. Setting up a good and secure payment gateway with the required security certificates is essential. This is to ensure that customer data is secured. Your website also needs to be designed in a manner which is easy for customers to browse your offerings.


Forum Section

You may want to integrate a forum so that your customers can post questions which you or your staff can respond to. Such queries look organised when a forum is well set up.


The possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing a website. If all you require is a website for your customers to see your business online, a very basic website should suffice. However, if you like your website to be functional and help drive business, you will need a more comprehensive website. And this process is a lot more complex. It is recommended that for the latter, you approach a web design company that can truly understand your business needs.


The components of a functional website are not limited to the ones stated above. To find out more about our web design services, you may visit this link.

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