Which should you choose: a tied insurance agency or an independent broker? The answer to that question can depend on your needs and the types of coverage you’re looking for. But before we get into the differences between these two, let’s talk about what they have in common. They both work with various insurers and will help find the best one for you based on your specific situation and needs. A good agent or broker will also advise about how much coverage is needed, which type of policy would be right for you, and any discounts that might apply. So if it sounds like either one could meet your needs, then read on!

What is a tied insurance agency?

A Tied agency works with one insurer only, so what they offer is what the insurer offers. They have a company-set commission, and they offer those policies exclusively to those customers.

What is an independent insurance broker?

An independent insurance broker can purchase insurance policies from many different companies. They offer what the client needs instead of what the company needs. In some countries, they may charge what is referred to as a consultancy fee. The client will then receive a report of recommendations, and they can proceed to pay for their ‘prescriptions. In Singapore, it is still relatively uncommon for a client to pay a consultancy fee. The broker will be making their money from the commission due to the sale of policies.

Why would I want an independent broker over a tied agency?

Perhaps what stands out the most is the independence of the broker. When you decide to use an independent insurance broker, you are not limited to what type of company they may represent. Suppose you are looking for coverage with certain benefits, features, or other vital details that your current insurer doesn’t offer. In that case, an independent agent will be able to find what you need while still keeping all your needs in mind. You can also feel confident that their advice is unbiased and in your best interest, while working with a tied agency could be less flexible. Independent agents might also have access to better rates and discounts than what a tied agency would offer.

It would be best to choose a financial advisor or broker that you trust and are comfortable with.

Ultimately, it would be best to choose a financial advisor or broker that you trust and are comfortable with. You will be satisfied with revealing all your fears and concerns as well as your finances. The more honest reply you can provide, the better fit the solutions to meet your needs.

There are many variables to consider when deciding what kind of company is right for you, but what matters most is what feels suitable for you.


With the rise of independent brokers, it’s essential to know what sets them apart from a tied agency. A good broker can find what you need and give unbiased advice while still considering your needs; they also offer what type of policy would be suitable for you and any discounts that might apply. Independent agents may have access to better rates and deals than what tied agencies offer as well. It’s not always easy choosing what kind of company will best suit your needs, but what matters most is what feels right for you – whether that means an insurance broker or agency. Let us help you figure out which option is best for you!

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