With so many distractions, children are now, more than ever, finding it hard to see the reason why they have to work hard. This is especially so with the recent circuit breaker. Teachers and parents alike are trying various ways and means to engage their children and keep them motivated. A while ago, this was the same problem that a local teacher faced. His solution to that was to write a fairytale to bring across the message ‘You reap what you sow’. 

A Teacher who went the extra mile

Heroald Chern noticed that his students enjoyed fairy tales very much. To conduct his English classes, he decided to use fairytales to engage them. However, while looking through the usual fairy tales, he realised that many of them do not have a strong moral or lesson to be learned. Like, could you tell me the moral behind Sleeping Beauty? Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Rapunzel? 

Faced with this problem, he decided that he should write his fairytale to educate his students that their actions have far-reaching consequences they may not immediately see.

Thus, Library of Mystory was born. 

What is this fairytale about?

Rather than writing out the story outline for you, watch this trailer to find out what the story is about:

Library of Mystory

Library of Mystory is suitable for readers aged 9 and up. It features a strong female protagonist who is quite different from the helpless-maiden-needs-saving archetype found in many traditional fairy tales. 

My takeaway

Interestingly, after I read the story the first time, I reread some parts of the story and managed to find things that I’ve missed out. With each rereading, I have had a different appreciation of the beautiful story and the lessons—persistence, diligence, self-sacrifice, filial piety… etc.—embedded within. These lessons are especially relevant now that students are expected to study on their own at home.

While this is his first book, Heroald is not new to the writing scene. He came in as one of the winners for writing competitions organised by Fairytalez.com twice! You can read his stories below for free!

The Legend of the Dragon Fruit

To kill a big bad wolf

Heroald is currently working on a second book, a collection of fables based on local animals, and a third one which is another original fairytale. 

If you would like to get a hardcopy of his first book, Library of Mystory, mailed to you, go over to www.heroald.com to order a copy right now! Support a local writer today and have yourself a wonderful fairytale!