The Worst Christmas Gifts from your Partners

worst xmas gift

HO HO HO A merry belated Christmas to one and all! I hope everyone had a great time receiving and giving out gifts. But does everyone agree that the hardest part of Christmas is deciding the gifts to get for your partners?

For a myriad of reasons like, you cannot repeat gifts you have given them before, and that includes birthdays and anniversaries. You should not buy something they already have, something they cannot make use of (frequently), and any other reasons they can think of that you cannot.
However, if you are feeling that leftover festive mood in you, and not willing to let your partner have all the fun, why not spice things up a little with our list of worst Christmas gifts ever? But you bear the consequences, you have been warned…

Most mentions go to socks, but my personal favorite is brown rug. How about yours? Let your creativity flow and share with us via the comment section below!


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