The start of my fitness journey!


Turning 37 does not have to be a downhill journey. Despite a good foundation when it comes to lifting weights at the gym, I have never gotten down to maintaining a clean diet for a substantial period of time. Many guys out there who go to the gym do not realise that they should be monitoring their diet as well.

As a starting point, I did a body fat analysis at True Fitness, Pacific Plaza.

The healthy range of body fat for men around my age should be in the 10 to 20 per cent range. I am at 21.7 per cent despite being moderately active and playing football every now and then.

Here are pictures of me from the front, back and my side.

My target body fat percentage is 15 per cent and I intend to achieve this in 3 months. I will be documenting my progress, meals and exercise. I will also be trying out various diets and exercise plans.

Here’s to a healthy 2020 and beyond!


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