What’s better than waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly made pancakes right? Well, not here in Singapore. We wake up to the smell of Kaya toast and coffee in the morning and we absolutely love it!

This breakfast staple consists of two slices of toast with butter and kay (also known as coconut jam), commonly serve alongside coffee and soft-boiled eggs. You can usually find this in your local hawker served any time of the day. Although, kaya toast is usually best enjoyed in the morning.

So what is the right way of eating Kaya Toast?

Step 1: Crack the soft boiled egg and pour it into a small plate

Step 2: Add the condiments to the egg (Dark soy sauce and pepper)

Step 3: Mix it all together

Step 4: Dip the toast in the egg mixture and enjoy your breakfast with a cup of hot coffee!