Thai Style Spicy Yong Tau Foo and Fried Fish Skin with Awesome Dip


Yentafo Kruengsonge is a chain in Bangkok that sells Thai style Yong Tau Foo. They used to have a few outlets in Singapore but they have since stopped operations.

It is a little bit spicy with a myriad of ingredients served in a bowl of pink tinted soup.

I think the major difference between the one you can get in Bangkok versus Singapore is the fact that there is pig blood when you have Yentafo in Bangkok!

Oh, and the fried fish skin is pretty darn good too. Freshly fried upon order. What makes this special is the special dip that they gave. It tastes a bit like Cincalok. There’s shrimp inside, it has a bit of spicy and sour taste to it.

Very very appetizing.

We visited the outlet at The Third Place, Whizdom 101. They have multiple outlets all over Bangkok and you can find them in most major malls. For tourists, the easiest way to reach would be to visit the outlet at Terminal 21 next to Asoke station.


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