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Tuna Workout – the recipe without mayo

How about a Tuna Croissant without Mayo.....Yes! without mayo. Give this recipe a try if you don't like the use mayo or looking for...

5 things to expect from the new home-sharing rules

The wait is finally over (soon)! Yesterday’s Sunday Times reported that the proposed home-sharing rules will be released before April for feedback.Looks like short-term...

3 reasons why Seaside Residences may sell like hotcakes

The recent enbloc wave has swept Singapore by storm and it has now come to the Marine Parade area. It was reported in yesterday’s...

Is it time to curb our enthusiasm for Singapore property?

It is always good to hear different opinions and views from other people. It makes us think and challenge our own believes and views.The...

Q and A: Is the current property market recovery sustainable?

Q&A: There are many new condo units coming up and vacancy rate remains high. Don’t you think that the property market recovery is not...

Thumbs up or down for property market in 2018?

After a good long break, SPK is back in action!As we step into year 2018, the best topic to discuss for the first post...

My First Investment Property (Part 3)

Financing of a property purchase would probably be a ‘simple and straight-forward’ process for most of the young working Singaporean adults. Why is it...

My First Investment Property (Part 2)

Question: Why did I choose a west-facing patio unit?Answer: Because I did not have a choice. All the good units were sold out. I...

My First Investment Property (Part 1)

I bought my first property in 2011 – a 1-bedroom 657 sq ft apartment at Bedok Residences.Bedok Residences was launched in November 2011. Kakis...

Should SERS be a safety net for Singaporeans?

The Workers’ Party published an article titled “Is the social pact underlying home ownership in Singapore at risk of erosion?” on its Facebook page...

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