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Outrageous Predictions for 2020 & Number 3 Is Something For You!

Outrageous predictions you get here are PURELY TO JOLT YOU TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX!For any investor, it is important to have critical...

Silly Investment Mistakes | 5 Of The Worst You Must Know!

I realised these are common pitfall because new investors have similar reactions. Not just that, everyone has the tendency to take similar shortcuts to...

How To Buy Shares Using CPFOA | Why I bought Keppel...

Your CPFOA will grow at 2.5%p.a (for amounts above the first $20k).Hence, this 2.5% is the opportunity cost when it comes to investing it.You'd...

Dr Douglas Kong – How to scale up your business

By Dr. Douglas Kong Ready to scale up your business? Are you interested in scaling up your business? In my conversations with business owners, there will...

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