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Dr. Douglas Kong – The Challenge of Leadership Today

There is an urgent need for good leadership today. Why? The challenges facing our time are critical. We are facing a time of disruption and...

Dr Douglas Kong – How to scale up your business

By Dr. Douglas Kong Ready to scale up your business? Are you interested in scaling up your business? In my conversations with business owners, there will...

State of the Social Media Journey

2 Min Read:: State of the Journey makes it sound so serious yet it is not for my adventure in Social Media. The social media...

Do Not Be a Victim….Domain Kidnapping

For the week to come I would like to give you this advice to avoid being domain kidnapping; own it. If you already have...

Digital Footprint for Marketing your Business

Your digital footprint is how you are marketing yourself/business online now; marketing your business is not really that tough. Many will wonder where do...

Perfection is not the goal it is a journey

It is time to break the mould that is ingrained in ourselves about perfection. We need to realise that perfection is not something we will...

Productivity….is it real?

Productivity will always focus on one essential which is time. Time is something that we cannot control. It is ongoing and every moment of hesitation...

Requirements for Foreigners to Set Up a Company in Singapore

Singapore is an ideal destination to incorporate and operate a company. As a country, Singapore enjoys a vibrant business landscape backed by robust political,...

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