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HK Style Braised Beef Tripe

This HK style braised beef tripe is a classic dish that is on every dim sum menu. The chewy tripe and the specially formulated...

Caribbean Beef Soup | 加勒比牛肉湯

This hearty beef soup from the Caribbean is a meal on its own. Pair with some freshly made "dumplings", it will definitely fill up...

Beef Rib Stew | Best Slow Cook Recipe

Best Slow Cook Beef Rib Stew Recipe by Amazing Kitchen with Chef Ray. This tasty beef dish is love by many. Finding the easiest...

$120 Wagyu Steak made into 3 course meal

This Amazingly good $120 Wagyu Steak made into 3 course meal by Chef Ray will be something to try. No talking, only cooking if...

Beef & Pork Rolls with Vegi SIMPLE RECIPE

Before you buy from the mall thus consider making your own. Beef and Pork Rolls with vegetable will be a great appetizer and snack...

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