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Stirling Steaks at 43 East Coast Road

Stirling Steaks at 43 East Coast Road
Stirling Steaks Wagyu Beef

If you are around Katong and looking for a good steak, Stirling Steaks would be a great option. The Stirling brand was started by Elwyn Chan, a fund manager by training and a steak connoisseur by passion. He ran a successful restaurant along Cheong Chin Nam Road for over three years before bringing his steaks to the east. Stirling Steaks is located along the row of shophouses opposite I12 Katong. It is directly opposite East Gate, which is next to Katong Plaza. Look out for Bergs. It is right next to Bergs.

The steaks are special because they are cooked over a charcoal grill. There is something about this old-school method of cooking meat that retains the juiciness of the meat yet leaves the surface extremely crispy. Topped off with avocado butter and their own secret steak sauce, the taste is extremely flavourful.

Stirling Steaks Sirloin Steak

I had the Sirloin Steak. There were two choice. Either 200 grams or 250 grams.

Stirling Steaks Wagyu Beef

My friend had the Wagyu. Personally, I am a fan of the sirloin cut. I like the crunchy layer of fat that comes with a good cut of sirloin.

Stirling Steaks Crispy King Salmon

The Crispy King Salmon was very good too. Oh and please have mashed potato as your side. There is a difference when you can actually munch into chunks of potatoes in your mashed potato. This is really potatoes mashed up the old school way, not just some pre-prepared mashed potato mixture.

Stirling Steaks Menu
Stirling Steaks Menu

There is a $9.90 flank steak available. It will also be grilled over charcoal so you do get the same crispy, juicy feel. Oh, and do try their $3 sliders. They are basically juicy mini burgers.

It does get crowded on Fridays and weekends. If you would like to make a reservation, do give them a call or you can live chat with them on their website. Seating is limited so you may want to come early for dinner or make a reservation.

Do look for the boss Elwyn Chan. His contact number is 9788 2583. Do show him this article to receive 10% off your bill.

Stirling Steaks

Address: 43 East Coast Road, Singapore 428764
Opening Hours: 6 pm to 11 pm (Monday to Sunday) 12 pm to 2 pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Website: www.stirlingsteaks.com

Disclaimer: I own a minority stake in Stirling Steaks since September 2017.


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