Stew Goat Meat Recipe 紅燒羊肉

Braised Mutton Chinese Style!


Love the taste of mutton or goat? Then this simple to follow recipe will make cooking your next meal much easier. With the use of only ONE POT, cleaning will be a breeze.  This mutton stew with radish Chinese style is just the right recipe to enjoy with your family and friends. The flavors from the braised goat(羊肉) infused into the white radish will just make a pleasantly surprise aroma in every bite.

Don’t want the hassle of looking for the eatery in traffic and not to mention those long Q.  When is your turn to place your order, the feeling of “dying” from hunger, makes you think twice of eat out the next time. Now there is a solution, why not cook it at the comfort of your home.

The best thing is, it is easy on the pocket.  Enjoy the delicious meal over the next blockbuster hit movie. Give this a try & leave a comment.

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