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State of the Journey makes it sound so serious yet it is not for my adventure in Social Media. The social media journey started about 2 months ago, and I have learnt a ton of things. I hope to share some a summary of apps here in this post and hopefully go into 1 or 2 I enjoy using. I tried all the usual channels I could find and some lessons I did not expect to as well.

Social Media Apps and Other Apps

My Mobile

Yikes that is a load of applications I have there. 9+1 Social Media applications and the rest are the tools.

  • Instagram (HOT in Singapore, growth is crazy)
  • Facebook (Lots of people, but somehow conversions is truly an art form)
  • YouTube (Getting popular again)
  • Twitter (…)
  • LinkedIN (Suddenly is surging)
  • Medium (Place your blogs there to earn $$)
  • TikTok (Lip Sync App – Absolute fun for parents and kids)
  • Discord (eGaming Social Arena, still not tested)
  • Snapchat (Need I say more)
  • Twitch (Gaming social and live stream app)

I am certain at least half of these you have heard of before. When was the last time you posted on these channels?


This is really hot at this point. Here are some tips about the platform.

  • Stories: Portrait pics (Adds to your STORY). Good as a daily journal.
  • Highlights: Organises stories into “themes”
  • Posts: Square pics (Try to alternate between 2 styles, will result in a nice chequered effect)
  • Captions (Use short and long form captions to describe the intent of each post)
    • Hashtags: This is the Gold Mine of Instagram
    • Tagging: Allows you to acknowledge people, venues and even products
    • Location: Very Important to set this. Helps in the ranking.

Just try to post and experiment, it is a ton of fun to do so. You may be lucky and get to interact with a nice mix of people on the platform.

Let me know what are your choice of apps. Or do you see an app you want to learn about. Comment and let me know.