Skincare is not the most important thing in the world. But let me tell you about how it became a source of passion that helped a girl find herself and deal with discrimination

Most people hyped about makeup way before they got the hype about skincare. But ever since she can remember, Ally has always been fascinated by skincare routines.

From googling DIY face masks to watching videos on 12 different ways to use aloe Vera, she was a little scientist experimenting with every ingredient under the sun.

By the time she turned 18, Ally could easily tell you the best remedies for acne or the fastest way to get glowing skin and she knew without a doubt that she wanted to own her own skincare line. But of course, that was just one part of her life.

At her prime, Ally started to face challenges that dimmed her courage of pursuing her dreams. She was bullied to the point of being harassed and eventually, the stress got the better of her and it affected her mental and emotional health badly. Ally started breaking out like never before, causing her already battered confidence to fade even more.

For a girl who’s always been under the protective shelter of her loved once, Ally did not know how to stand for herself. That was until she took the courageous decision to stand on her own feet and bring back her inner scientist.

With little to no savings, Ally rented an apartment and literally stepped out of her “comfort zone” before she lost sight of the person that she truly was. How she found the courage to leave the home she would never know. But that was the first step she took to changing her life and living her dream, it was her first step towards becoming her own person.

As Ally rediscovered her love for skincare, she regained her confidence and grew into a hardworking entrepreneur. She hustled hard, working many sleepless nights to build her skincare brand.

She conducted many lab testing to ensure only the best ingredients were used and did many surveys on the reactions that the ingredients might have on different skin types (Fun Fact: Alcohol dries out the skin and causes the pores to be inflamed, which can lead to serious acne). From product development to packaging, to sales and legalities. Ally had her hands full but more importantly, her heart felt full.

Each sleepless night was a step closer to the childhood dream she had almost lost sight of.

Ally soon realized what she had done for herself was something she had been waiting for someone else to do for her. Without realizing it, Ally had started to believe in herself, she took a chance on herself instead of waiting for someone to do it for her. With a simple decision to take a leap of faith in herself, Ally had become the source of empowerment she had been hoping someone would have for her.

With this realization, it brought a whole new meaning to Al’s Beauty. It was no longer just her dream but was also a platform she wanted to use to help other women and struggling individuals tap on when they are in need of a source of empowerment.

Al’s Beauty wanted to be able to provide jobs and opportunities that could turn into milestones for people or even if it was as simple as churning out luxurious products at affordable prices to give people a boost of happiness, of feeling worthy, a chance to take a moment to indulge in something that is purely for themselves, an avenue to step away from struggles to pamper themselves and be happy.

Unfortunately, just as Ally was ready to put Al’s beauty into motion, she was hit with another setback, Covid-19.

Ally could barely describe how heart-wrenching it felt to know that she had left home, pumped almost all her savings into Al’s beauty and it all could have been for nothing.

The stress was evident but how could she give up now? Everything her brand stood for was believing in yourself and being a source of empowerment from within. She had put far too much blood, tears, and sweat into Al’s Beauty to give up.

Maybe she was foolish to do so but Ally decided to not only brave the wave but to go against it with everything that she had.

Ally got her Acra done. She formed a team, designed posters, finalized packaging, designed the company logo, and paid attention to every detail. She was going to launch Al’s Beauty during a global pandemic. One of the milestones she was most proud of was setting up, her website with zero IT background!

Was she crazy? Possibly. But above all, she was determined because there was no better time than now. If her priority was profit then maybe this wasn’t the best time but her priority was people, their happiness, and their peace of mind so there was no better time than the present.

Ally will always remember the way she felt when she made her first sale. In all honesty, she had been nervous about the product not being well received as it was a new brand, but she made her first sale within the very first night and at that moment she felt light of joy within her because after being her only source of strength, others were starting to have faith in her and others were taking a chance on her.

Al’s beauty has since grown its users and gathered many positive reviews with accredited local celebrities such as Preeti pls, Hannah Alkaf, and more, mentioning it on their social media.

I forgot to tell you the best part. Ally not only broke away from the negativity that was bringing her down and launched her very own skincare line and established it during a global pandemic, She did it 3 months of deciding she wanted to be her own hero.

A note from Ally – When you want something and when you decide to be strong and prioritize your mental health and happiness, you will break barriers you never knew you built and you will find courage and empowerment within yourself.