A big shout out to OneFM 91.3, Tourism Western Australia and Qantas for the sponsorships for us to experience Perth like never before!

I was fortunate enough to win a contest on radio station One FM 91.3 to join in the celebration of Perth Festival 2020 held from 7 February to 1st March, which I will talk about in a later post.

One of the key highlights of this trip is to experience what Rottnest Island has to offer. Of course well known for Quokkas, it has something unique to offer as well. Upon arriving onto Rottnest Island, we were ushered onto the yacht hosted by https://www.rottnestcruises.com/

We were treated to a ‘barrage’ of champagne, wine, and canapes while on our way to the key highlight of this seafood cruise, catching our own lunch, the Western Rock Lobster, with the help of our lovely crew on board of course.

As you can see, the Australians really take pride in their entire ecosystem. They make every effort to practise sustainable farming. Every female lobster caught will be examined if they are fertile and reproducing, and if they are, they will be returned back into the sea so that the population will be kept stable.

The crew will guide you on how to fish for one. It was a rewarding experience for a city boy like myself.

After which, the crew will prepare whatever that was caught, and also other spread of seafood, oysters, prawns, fish and much more. I tried my best to capture the delicious food as accurately as humanly possible. The first one is a mix of oysters, prawns and octopus. Just look at sheer amount of seafood. We had trouble finishing it even though there are six of us.

first dish is seafood medley

Next up is actually the Western Rock Lobsters that we caught earlier on. But prepared in sashimi style. To be honest there are no words available to describe its freshness. I have never tasted something this fresh before.

Next up is, of course, the star of the show again. This time being grilled with a dash of lime.

western grilled rock lobster with lime

All these sumptuous food is followed by more wine and champagne, and more wine and more champagne. And we discovered some hunting action going on in the middle of the sea.

Though this is the second time I been back to Rottnest Island in less than three months, I must say this seafood cruise is really an eye-opener and on another level of refinement and enjoyment. Frankly, the first trip there when I saw this seafood cruise option, the words just scream out to me as a ‘tourist trap’. But having experienced it myself this time, I do encourage people who are planning a trip there to give it a try. You will find that it is worth every penny of yours.

We would like to thank our lovely host Victoria, for organizing everything and also Rottnest Cruises. Without them, this seafood cruise on Rottnest Island would not have been possible.

our lovely host Victoria

rottnest cruises