Sara Verdier Rose Review: This Forever Rose Is The Perfect Romantic Gift


Let’s be honest, roses are expensive and they only last a week or two. But we can’t deny that they are one of the few gifts that oozes romance, making them a great gift for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. That is why the idea of a rose that lasts forever or at least a long time is so appealing.

This led me to get the forever rose from Sara Verdier, a boutique jeweler from Switzerland. Photos don’t really do it justice and it looks amazing in real life, you can really see the veins on the roses petal. It’s such a wonderful detail.

Each rose is made from a 100% real natural rose that have been preserved to last forever. The petals and leaves are lined and plated with 24K gold and so is the stem of the rose. It certainly feels heavy!

I have held other preserved roses on the market before, and I can honestly say that the workmanship behind the rose from Sara Verdier is more superior. It looks and feels more refined and polished. Definitely something you can display in the living room or office.

Other so-called preserved roses also look fake and unnatural, some even look exactly the same, which made me skeptical about their authenticity. I’ve checked out different roses from Sara Verdier and each of them looks different from the other. I feel this actually makes the Sara Verdier roses much more meaningful since each rose is completely unique. It’s really a one-of-a-kind gift.

The forever rose from Sara Verdier is a little pricey but in my opinion, it is worth it just for the craftsmanship. Not to mention it’s a meaningful gift with great symbolism. A forever rose for forever love, what could be more romantic?

Oh, and most importantly. My girlfriend loves it which is definitely a top consideration when getting a gift 🙂

You can purchase or find out more about Rose by Sara Verdier from their website:

or if you want to read something more in-depth about what makes their roses special:


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