Home Food Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo: A Master of Mee Soto

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo: A Master of Mee Soto

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo: A Master of Mee Soto
Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo Mee Soto

Hidden away in an inconspicuous corner of Serangoon Garden Market Food Centre, there lies this hawker stall that serves up a really delicious bowl of Mee Soto. For the uninitiated, Mee Soto is a Malay dish which involves egg noodles, shreds of chicken and a yellowish broth.

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo Stall Front

It really looks like a very ordinary hawker stall. It is exceptionally clean.

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo Price List

Prices seem very decent for things like Mee Soto and Tahu Goreng. $3 for a meal is just about decent in a place like Serangoon Gardens. However, $0.70 for a stick of Satay does seem a tad high.

I did notice that this stall was awarded a Singapore Hawker Masters award in 2014.

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo Singapore Hawker Masters 2014

Upon further “CSI-ing” I realised that this seemed to be a big deal. It was covered by The Straits Times! You can find the article here:


Well anyway, I ordered a bowl of Mee Soto and added an egg which costs an additional $0.50. The Mee Soto was exceptionally good. Traditionally the broth of the Mee Soto is rather light and clear. For some reason, the bowl of Mee Soto I got from this stall was very thick. I believe that the soup had been cooked for a very long time and the result was a thick stew like broth. It was really good. The broth makes or breaks a bowl of Mee Soto and this one was awesome.

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo Mee Soto

Well if you would like to have a good bowl of Mee Soto, head down to Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo at Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre.

Riyan Hidayat Satay Solo
Address: Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre, 49A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555945 #01-31
Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm (Daily except on Mondays)


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