I have always heard that Australia has the best Asian food in town. The majority of the early migrants set up shop all over Australia, and this inevitably means that many of them have brought their ancestral culinary skills with them. Which is what brings me to Canton Bay.

Australia has a great number of early settlers from Guangzhou (Canton), China. Dating as far back as AD 1848 from official records. So it doesn’t come as a surprise for many that the major cities in Australia have plenty of fine cuisines from all over Asia, including Perth. Which brings us to the star of this post, Canton Bay.

Canton Bay at Northbridge in Perth City is famed for none other than dim sum. For many locals and foreigners alike in Australia, this famed Cantonese cuisine has a world-renown reputation. Not forgetting that they too retained the traditions of having servers push around a cart with hot steaming trays of dim sum just like the good old days.

Queues are the norm if you want to get a piece of Canton Bay. So be prepared to wait. As such I take the food that they serve very seriously and hold it to a high standard. I am not born Cantonese but brought up as one, so I dare claim that I know my dim sum.

I tried a variety of dishes of course. And dim sum being dim sum, there are just that few standard few that you must have. I did not review all the food we ordered. But I did review the few popular ones which I know majority of us out there will definitely order in any dim sum restaurant. Here are the photos and at the end of it all, my video review.

Har Gaw from Canton Bay

canton bay siew mai

canton bay char siew bao

yu chi gaw canton bay

jiu chai gaw canton bay

chee cheong fun canton baycarrot cake canton bay

In conclusion, I do not think that migrants necessarily serve fantastic food. I had good Vietnamese food in Perth before. Though I am very doubtful of the Cantonese cuisine standard here. But of course, this is probably one of the best that you can get if you moved to Perth and are homesick for some Chinese food. Nothing tastes better than something that you are so familiar with and reminds you of home, where your heart belongs.

Overall I would say give Canton Bay a shot when you are in Perth. Still a pretty decent dim sum place in my opinion.