Perfection is not the goal it is a journey

Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash
Waiting for perfection gives nothing but an empty marketplace. Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash

It is time to break the mould that is ingrained in ourselves about perfection. We need to realise that perfection is not something we will never truly achieve. Rather it is a goal we strive to attain.

Frustration at the delay in striving for perfection. sebastiaan-stam-576738-unsplash

The 80/20 for Perfection

Pretty certain many have heard of this especially those in IT. But when applied broadly it make a whole load of sense. The 80/20 in my take of it means that in any project or development only 80% of what you seek to achieve is plausible. You can apply the same to pre-existing software or products & services you take on. While the elusive 20% will on estimate take 80-100% or more of the original cost to achieve.

Focus on the Business Outcomes

I would say that getting it right at 80% is really good but analyse and ensure these bring in the value. To note things of value usually can be measured and therefore is either a yes or no.

Focus on Speed

Speed trumps everything, this is because you push the item to the market and the market directs the development of that 20%.

Focus on the Customer

For any business what you need are customers or leads who will eventually become your customers. Focus on what you can do to bring them the most value first.


Think of it this was the longer the delay in the product or service going into the market, you lose one thing. TIME. Time is a factor that you never know if the next moment, or days, or months the right person may see something they like and share it with the rest of the world. Every wasted moment is a possible wasted opportunity.

What else is there?

Do take a while to also consider other points for the business such as automation, productivity and also other more critical items that should be considered like building a content library for your marketing.

Get it done today. The resources you need are just a shout out away.


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