Patbingsoo Korean Dining House

EULJIRO BINGSOO: Strawberry Overdose + Cheese Cake + Berry Cheese Cake + Vanilla Ice Cream

Patbingsu is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert. The dessert may include chopped fruits, condensed milk, syrup among other ingredients. Korean culture is slowly creeping into our society and Korean cuisine is getting popular in Singapore.

I came to know of Patbingsoo Korean Dining House because my wife had a discount coupon and told me that she could not allow the coupon to go to waste. Well since we had yet to have dinner, I decided to give Korean food a try.

Patbingsoo is located at basement 2 of Plaza Singapura. The stall is located around the escalator, just outside the Samsung Service Centre. It would be difficult to miss this place but then locating an eating house in such a cramp place means that the seating space was extremely limited. The tables, in my opinion, were too close to each other for my personal comfort.

To be honest, the mains were nothing to shout about. The food was rather bland. We had the Beef Dub Bab and the Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice.

Mixed rice with juicy beef short plate, kimchi, egg and seaweed. Served in hot stone bowl.
Cheese galore! Kimchi-infused fried rice with lots of mozzarella. Super cheesy in a good way.

For quick bites we ordered a Tteokbokki which tasted rather weird.


TTEOKBOKKI: Skewer rice cake wrapped with bacon in sweet red chilli sauce.

The mains were extremely disappointing. However, their bingsoo desserts were a whole different thing altogether.

The servings for their Bingsoos were extremely generous. The Euljiro Bingsoo was overflowing with strawberries.


EULJIRO BINGSOO: Strawberry Overdose + Cheese Cake + Berry Cheese Cake + Vanilla Ice Cream

The Guro Bingsoo was very refreshing too!

GURO BINGSOO: Mango Slices + Mango Cheese Sauce + Vanilla Ice Cream


Which then brings me to a conclusion that Patbingsoo can do desserts well. However, if you wish to have a complete meal, you would be better off heading somewhere else for your dinner, but saving up some space in your stomach for a nice, cold bowl of Patbingsoo.



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