New Ways To Teach Money! | School’s Financial Literacy Will Not

Our government has been supporting money related concepts to be taught in schools.Central Provident Fund (CPF) organised a session where students from Guangyang Secondary School attended a game-show assembly and played interactive board games...

7 Best Savings Plan for your Child in Singapore

There are 2 kinds of a participating endowment insurance plans that you can buy to save up for your child.The first is a limited premium payment type of endowment that matures at ages 17...

Is Topping Up To Your Child’s CPF and Medisave a good idea?

It's a common question: "What to do with spare cash" or "What to do with "Hong Bao" or "Green Packet" money given to your child"?Where would be a good place to park it?Today I'd...

Pat’s Schoolhouse & Brighton Montessori School Fees 2020

We received a notice that our boy's fees were going to be revised upwards for 2020.The coming jump in prices was substantial. Mrs and I wondered if it was fair.Hence, we checked out the...

$50,000 Is What You Need To Save For Your Child!

Education planning is a key concern for any young parent. But how much is enough?A local bank advertised "...future education costs up to $1m". $1m? Really?What about a family of 3 kids? Then it's...

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