Noodle Cafe – Authentic Thai Boat Noodle With Chilli That Packs A Punch


If you love Thai food, then head on over the Golden Mile Complex.

Noodle Cafe is located in the basement of the Golden Mile Complex. It’s a small little cafe that serves delicious authentic Thai boat noodles.

You can order their $1.90 small bowl to check out the taste. From the menu, you can have a variety of selection. Different types of meat, soup base, and noodle types.

For a start, just go for their special soup. It’s a strong savory soup with a herbal taste. Add in as much chili as you like!

This place does have its own following already but I am still surprised when some of my friends I talk to are not aware of this hidden gem.

They do serve a variety of Thai dishes, but if you just have to choose one, go for their signature boat noodles.

Address: 5001 Beach Road B1-08, 199588

PS: apologies for the poor sound


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