Hotpot is a popular dining options for most people in Singapore. For the past years, hotpot has predominantly been mala based, with the ever popular Haidilao the all time favourite. There are competing hotpot chains that came along but they are all still mala soup based. 

If you want something else for variety, check out this new hotpot restaurant in Katong along East Coast road. It is just about a 5 minutes walk from 112 Katong.

Chaoniu hotpot

Chaoniu Hotpot is a beef themed steamboat restaurant. Reading some other articles online, I understand that the inspiration is from Guangzhou. 

Chaoniu hotpot 潮牛火锅

The decor and the menu somewhat reminds me of a steak restaurant more than a Chinese hotpot restaurant. They divided the picture of the cow by sections and from there, you can choose which cut of meat you want. Pretty cool huh? 

潮牛 Chaoniu hotpot

Soups base wise, you have got 4 options. We decided on the Chaoniu Signature broth. If you choose this, you are not able to have the option of yuan-Yang (鸳鸯)pot.

Chaoniu hotpot signature beef broth

The broth has a herbal tinge to it, it is a bit lighter than the ones you have at some of the popular beef noodles joint in Singapore. 

Chaoniu beef balls

We ordered the beef tongue, sirloin and the beef balls. All 3 dishes were good. They do not seem to be frozen and thawed, which kind of damages the quality of the meat. 

Chaoniu beef tongue

With each plate of meat served, there is a small sign that indicate how many seconds you should cook the meat for best effect. 

Chaoniu beef sirloin

Other than those, you have your usual list of hotpot ingredients to choose from. Nothing too special. 

Chaoniu pork dumpling

The pork dumpling is pretty nice, you should order that. 

What is good about this beef broth is that as you go along, the broth becomes thicker and has more unami. The taste grows on you and leaves you wanting more. 

Chaoniu 刀削面

I didn’t want to initially but with such a sweet broth, I have to order the 刀削面 to top it off. It was a good choice. 

Because of the recent Covid 19 virus, the restaurant was not full on a Friday night.

Most of the tables actually were having red wine to go with their premium beef dinner. 


The total bill worked out to be about 101 dollars. It was not a whole lot of food but I would say every ingredient was quality. There is no gst. You are also entitled to a lucky spin and I won a plate of chuck beef for my next visit!


Not all the usual hotpot ingredients will go well in this broth. I say go for their beef cuts, get some vegetables and skip the usual hotpot ingredients that you would usually order. 

Another plus is that Chaoniu hotpot opens till 12 midnight. Perfect for those of us who have late dinners. 


Address: 195 East Coast Road Singapore 428900

Tel: 65 69098783

Hours: 11am – 12am Daily