Which is deadlier, COVID-19, or Dengue?

Just a couple of weeks back in mid-August I met up with a group of my friends from secondary school. The usual banter over a Japanese BBQ dinner. Of course, the usual COVID-19 topic came up and how we are coping and working from home. And an interesting debate came up.

So while we can all agree about the financial damages and stock market crashes, unemployment rates rising and SIA employees losing their jobs. Think about it, what can be worse than death itself?

Let’s study the mortality rate between the two. We have 27 cases of death among 57,607 confirmed cases at the time of me writing this article. A total of 16 deaths are reported up to June 2020, among 13,817 reported cases, not including the numbers in Quarter 3 which is yet to be published by National Environment Agency.

So simple calculations put us at a mortality rate of 0.046% or 0.05% if rounded up. As compared to a whopping 0.115% or 0.12% in dengue fever. We are talking about just Singapore. So are we focusing on the correct thing? Perhaps it is with the media’s overexposure of COVID-19 globally that drives the frenzy of focus. What you focus on, expands.

Side effects

So far whatever that has been published about the long term side effects of COVID-19 are ‘might’, ‘could’ cause damage. There is no conclusive study about it and most are still in the observation stage.

long term effects of coronavirus

Please DO NOT get me wrong. I am not downplaying the damaging effects of COVID-19. However, what I am saying is what are the long term effects we do not know for sure yet. Whereas the long term damage of dengue fever is established. Severe or acute dengue haemorrhagic fever can cause brain damage, seizures, damage to lungs, heart, liver. They have been published in many studies, just Google it.

SHARP Mosquito Catcher

In 2015, SHARP launched the World’s first air purifier with Mosquito Catcher feature. Today, SHARP continues its legacy as the leader in the air purifying category with Mosquito Catcher feature, especially with its patented Plasmacluster™ Technology to fight various types of bacteria and viruses, including Corona Viruses – the technology that has enabled Sharp to sell over 80 million units of air purifiers Worldwide since its launch.

It is able to catch mosquitoes in 5 effective and harmless ways.

  1. UV light attracts mosquitoes
  2. Enticing ‘black’ colour
  3. Ideal entrance design
  4. Powerful airflow and suction
  5. Strong glue sheet

Its Plasmacluster™ Technology is able to remove odour and smells. Especially from cigarettes. My office is located in an old commercial building and unfortunately, our neighbouring unit is very fond of smoking inside their office. So when the air-conditioning is switched off daily after 5.30 pm, the smell of cigarettes will backflow into my office. So far I have tested and proven personally that with the SHARP air purifier, the smell can be get rid of.


My personal take is that this is a worthwhile investment. I am very sure we have bought many items that cost more than this. On top of safeguarding our families from dengue and viruses which is a win-win, it also gets rids of any unpleasant odours at home. With the current dengue fever cases at an all time high and COVID-19 is still ongoing, this is definitely going to give you and your family a peace of mind.