Home Tech Microsoft Surface Pro. Finally done right!

Microsoft Surface Pro. Finally done right!

Microsoft Surface Pro. Finally done right!
The new Surface Pro with the type cover and arc mouse

I was so in need of a new laptop. My old Sony Vaio was really outdated, the battery life was horrendous and I needed to find a power socket everywhere I went. The previous surface pro was something I was looking at but according to some friends who are using it, the battery life is not great.

Well then let me tell you the good points about the latest Surface Pro. Simply named Surface Pro. Microsoft has done away with the numbers so now you can only spot the difference if you take a look at it. Well actually if you look at the latest Surface Pro in comparison to the Surface Pro 4, there is almost no difference.

The New Surface Pro. Looks almost exactly like the old one!

The things to like about the previous Surface Pro 4 are still prevalent. The versatile type cover, the beautiful screen, the extremely light and portable form factor and oh, it comes without all the bloatware that traditional laptop makers install on top of stock Windows.

Let me tell you guys a trick. You can get the Surface Pro at a slightly cheaper price with a student pass. Just get a student pass from someone and go to Microsoft directly on their online store. Indicate that you want to purchase a Surface Pro as a student and they will send you a code through your Microsoft Account, either a Hotmail or Outlook email address, and you will get the discount. The discount is also applicable to certain accessories. I got a discount off the normal Surface Pro Type Cover, the Arc Mouse and the Surface Pen. Oh yes, the Surface Pen is now an add on accessory.

The new Surface Pro with the type cover and arc mouse

The latest Surface Pro has excellent battery life. In terms of looking at test numbers, they don’t stack up to how a laptop works in real life conditions. On paper, they claim to get about 14 hours of battery life. In real life, I can now comfortably bring my Surface Pro out without a charger. I use my laptop for word processing tasks and surfing the web. I charge it once in 2 or 3 days which to me is a huge step up from before.

The pen is excellent as well. I really did not think that I would use it much but it makes note taking so much easier. You can click the button on the top of the pen to open up certain application. The different number of clicks or the duration the button is held down can also be assigned to various tasks. You really do not need a mouse and I truly regretted purchasing the Arc Touch Mouse for $88.

The starting up of the Surface Pro is insanely quick. It takes about 2 seconds to start up and perhaps another second to recognise me and log me in through facial recognition.

Get the i5 model. It is fanless (one of my considerations. fanless consumes less battery) and is decently snappy enough to handle almost everything. The i3 processor is rather outdated and the i7 has a fan and is a tad too expensive. I personally got the i5 model with 256 GB worth of storage space with 8GB worth of RAM.

My order of the Surface Pro on Microsoft Store.
My order of the Surface Pen on Microsoft Store.

Oh, the weird thing was that I got each item delivered on different days. I got the type cover first, then the mouse. The actual machine came a few days after they started deliveries on the preorders. I believe I was perhaps one of the first to get the Surface Pro as I preordered it. The pen was an add on at a later date but if you do intend to get the latest Surface Pro, you have to get the pen.

The Surface Pen

In my opinion, this machine is worth every penny. Looking forward to many months or years of good work on it.


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