Michelin Plate Fried Dough In Thai Pandan Custard At Bangkok Chinatown. Pa Tong Go Savoey

We so happen to stumble upon this stall in Bangkok Chinatown selling fried dough. Saw a queue formed and realised it was awarded Michelin Plate 2019.

Pa Tong Go is the Thai version of our Chinese youtiao 油条.

The uncle is making the dough fresh and then deep fried so every piece is piping hot. The biggest difference between the Thai and the Singapore version which I am familiar with is the Thai version fried dough is paired with sangkhaya bai toey (Thai pandan custard) or in sweetened condensed milk.

Over in Singapore, we either eat the fried dough on it’s own or we have it with beancurd. So, this Thai version is more like a dessert of some sort.

There are many stalls over at Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown) selling Pa Tong Go but if you want to seek out this particular stall, here is the address: 489 Song Sawat Road, Yaowarat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok


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