Max Oceans Crispy Chicken Skin (Original)


If you are a Singaporean, chances are you will know that fried chicken skin is the latest craze of late. Ever since KFC launched its version of fried chicken skin and it was sold out on the very same day it was launched.

Lo and behold, Bangkok has plenty of it around. Previously available mainly via roadside stalls in Bangkok, crispy chicken skin is now being sealed and repacked nicely by many different manufacturers. There are various brands of fried chicken skins around and today we are trying out the original flavor crispy fried chicken skin from Max Oceans.

The taste surprisingly is not salty, which makes it very easy to eat, unlike your typical potato chips which can be very salty. Funnily, it is also the downside of it which can a bit one dimensional. They are available in small packs so there is no need to worry you will be overeating this snack.

Our ratings for this snack is:
Edwin – 4.5/5
Willie – 3.5/5

They do have other flavors launched which we will review in due time.

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