Home Shopping Cars Look out for bargains for non Euro VI compliant cars

Look out for bargains for non Euro VI compliant cars

Look out for bargains for non Euro VI compliant cars

With the new Euro VI emission standards taking effect from 1st September 2017, car sellers are likely to reduce price to clear the stock which does not meet the new standards.

Important facts to note: 

Petrol Vehicles in Singapore will adopt the Euro VI emission standards from 1 September 2017. This new regulation aims to further reduce NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) and fine particulate emissions(PM2,5) from vehicular emissions. Additionally, petrol vehicles using Port Fuel Injection (PFI) technology which have achieved Japanese emission standards (JPN 2009) will also be accepted.

Some common non-compliant models from Authorised Distributors (ADs) such as Chevrolet and Hyundai are being sold with discounts to clear stock. Popular models from Parallel Importers (PIs) include the Toyota Harrier and the Honda Shuttle.

Euro VI compliant models from ADs are likely to go on sale early next year.

How it affects you

Existing cars which fell short of the Euro VI standards are likely to be sold with discounts to clear stock. A car buyer can get discounts from buying non-Euro VI compliant cars.

How should you react

If you are a car buyer or on a lookout for new cars, you can find new bargains while car dealers are clearing stock.

Keep your options open and also look for Parallel Importers (PIs) if the car you are looking for isn’t available via ADs.

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