Limited Edition Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Taste Biscuit Sticks. PRETZ x Maepranom

Maepranom Brand, known for its sweet chili sauce used for dipping fried chicken has collaborated with PRETZ to create a limited-edition sweet chili sauce taste biscuit sticks. The Maepranom Brand is extremely popular and well known among the Thais, it is almost like how we relate to the brand Maggi from young.

I am very certain that most people are not new to the PRETZ brand of biscuit stick snacks. It is convenient to hide in classrooms while you snack away, I am guilty of that growing up. PRETZ originated from Japan and is produced by the same company as another famous snack called Pocky.

So we got our hands on this limited-edition flavor and decided to go ahead and give it a review.

The PRETZ biscuit sticks really do taste very much like the Thai sweet chili sauce. Right from the onset of the first stick, you can already taste the sweetness coming from seasoning. However, it lacks the tiny tinge of spiciness that you do get at the end of the snack, as opposed to eating the real chili sauce. This is a refreshing change from the usual savory flavors we see in supermarkets like cheese, pizza, seaweed. If you do like snacks that can come across as just a little bit on the sweeter side, this snack is definitely for you, but it is limited edition. On a personal note, it comes across as too sweet for me as I prefer more savory flavors.

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Check out our video review below:


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