As Singapore F&B owners have to deal with a drastic fall in revenue due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is perhaps a good time to boost some of their revenue streams other than dine-ins. (Which is currently banned till May 4th 2020)

For F&B owners that are unaware, Enterprise Singapore has launched the Food Delivery Booster Package to help F&B businesses diversify their operations through food delivery.


In general, there are 3 legs to this booster package.

  1. Support For Offering Food Delivery Services (via third party logistics players)
  2. Support For Offering Food Delivery Services (Deliveroo, foodpanda and/or Grabfood)
  3. Developing Long-Term Digital Capabilities


Let us take a look at each individual support in detail.


Support For Offering Food Delivery Services (via third party logistics players)

What is the benefit?

Enterprise Singapore will fund 20% of the food delivery cost per trip, with no cap on the qualifying food delivery cost.

This support is available for orders made between 7 April and 4 May 2020.

Who is eligible for this?

If your business is fulfilling delivery orders via third party logistics other than the Big 3 (which we touch on in point 2), you can apply to receive support on delivery costs

However, do take note that if your F&B business is already listed on either Deliveroo, foodpanda and/or Grabfood, then you will not be eligible for this support.

You must also have a food shop or food stall license issued by the Singapore Food Agency and sell food that is prepared on premise for immediate consumption.

How Do I Apply?

Currently as of 9 April 2020, the eligible third-party logistics partners are Lalamove Singapore and Zeek.

Enterprise Singapore is open to applications for more third party logistics partners who are keen to be part of the list.

You may approach your logistics partners to confirm eligibility for support directly. No application to Enterprise Singapore is required.


Support For Offering Food Delivery Services (Deliveroo, foodpanda and/or Grabfood)

What is the benefit?

For orders made between 7 April to 4 May 2020, F&B owners will receive a reduction of 5% points of the commission charged. If your commission payable to the food delivery platforms is 20%, it will be reduced to 15% during this qualifying period.

Who is eligible for this?

F&B businesses who are on board Deliveroo, foodpanda and Grabfood.

This reduction in commission cost is eligible for each platform your business is on.

How Do I Apply?

No action is required on your part. If your business is already listed with these platforms, the reduction in commission cost should be automatic.


Developing Long-Term Digital Capabilities

What is the benefit?

Get up to 90% funding support by choosing to enhance your F&B business by going online. This can cover areas such as digital marketing and manpower costs.

You can have your own online food ordering and delivery system, reservation system and even create virtual brand awareness in order to gain additional revenue streams by attracting new customers.

Who is eligible for this?

You must be a local F&B business selling food that is prepared on-premise for immediate consumption. You must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding and be financially viable to complete the project.

This 90% level support is only valid till 31 December 2020.

How Do I Apply?

We have a suite of solutions catered for F&B businesses owners to help them take their business online.

If cost has been a major hurdle in you wanting to adopt technology to lower operating costs and/or to gain additional sales, there is no better time to do so now.

Speak to our digital marketing solutions team today for a non-obligatory discussion to see how we can assist you. (Contact Email: [email protected])


This article first appeared on Easily’s blog section and was written by Kevin Yeo who is the director of Easily Pte Ltd.