Lays Salted Egg Flavor Potato Chips

Lays salted egg flavor

A brand that needs no introduction. But when we talk about Lays from Thailand, we need to dive deeper. Simply because they always launch new flavors! Lays in Thailand is seriously delightful. Unlike the boring standard flavors we offer here in Singapore, we really cannot comprehend why we have not started bringing in the exotic flavors yet from Thailand. We finally got our hands on the ever-popular Lays salted egg flavor in this episode.

There was a craze quite awhile back in Singapore about salted egg yolk flavor. It was literally everything salted egg yolk. You name it, they have it in every single food item imaginable. Some of them were quite abominable in our opinion, like salted egg yolk hot pot.

Just to give you a sneak peek of how insane the type of flavors Lays actually has developed over the years. Tom yum, lobster, crab, sweet basil, hot chili squid, miang-kum (an authentic Thai finger food which consists of raw fresh leaves with roasted coconut, finely chopped shallots, ginger, lime, red bird’s eye chili peppers, small dried shrimps, peanuts), green curry and the list just goes on and on. The personal goal here is to eat and try all flavors possible of course.

Find out what do we think after trying out the Lays salted egg flavor potato chips for the first time.


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