Koh-Kae BBQ Flavor Coated Crispy Peanuts

Peanuts. Everybody loves it. We can even call it an international snack, if not national. From a price point of view, it is the most conveniently available snack that goes with watching movies, beer, football matches.

In Singapore, peanuts have an image that is associated generally with older men, who sit around at coffee shops after work to have a drink with friends and munching on peanuts.

That is true until Koh-Kae came along. They carry plenty of new funky different flavors that target the younger crowd. And today we are trying out BBQ Flavor. This is actually our first time trying out this snack. To all our non-peanut eating friends especially, you might be in for a surprise for this one.

The peanuts are probably deep-fried, before being coated with a layer of BBQ seasoning. The taste of the BBQ flavor is surprisingly pronounced and tasty but can be a little salty if you take a handful at one go. Which we feel is the main appeal of it. What is unconventional here is the outer layer of it which has an extremely good crunch, similar to what our good old Indians ‘kachang puteh’ sellers have. Definitely a modern twist to what we are used to.

They have other flavors that we will be reviewing in time.

Our ratings for this snack is:
Willie – 5/5
Edwin – 3/5


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