KIMLY could be the KING of coffeeshops in Singapore as one of the largest chains. As at 30 June 2019, they have a 96% occupancy rate over a total of over 500 stalls within the 67 food outlets under management.

The IPO price was 25c but first day it reached 55c. YTD, kimly shares are up +14%. However, it had been declining for years before that as profit for the company had been sliding since 2016.

#KIMLY had a previous scandal that dragged down it’s reputation It was a $16m purchased of Asian Story Corporation which worked with POKKA. Profit for the company had been sliding since 2016. Share price for kimly has also declined.

To understand their two core business segments 1) Outlet management This is mainly coffeeshop management. Profit has been around 9% all these years 2) Food Retail This is own stalls as well as RIVE GAUCHE and TONKICHI restaurants. KIMLY has been paying dividends consistently and yields now about 3-4%. May be one of the better #smallcapstocks #dividendsharesg