Katong’s Jago Carrot Cake

jago carrot cake
jago carrot cake

Carrot cake or chye tow kway (as most of us like to call it) is one of Singaporean’s favourite breakfast dish.

Carrot cake is made with radish cut into cubes, stir fried with eggs and preserved radish. It’s optional but I always have it fried spicy.

There are 2 versions of carrot cake. Black – fried with dark soy sauce which also gives it a tinge of sweetness, or you can opt for white – fried with egg till it’s crispy on the outside, soft inside.

I personally find some stalls who make a great black version of carrot cake may not do the same for the white.

And if you are in the east, and you are looking for a yummy plate of carrot cake, then you have to check out Jago carrot cake. It’s located in a corner coffee shop in Katong.

I ordered the white version.

Now, this seemingly easy to make dish requires good ‘kung-fu’ to cook it well. There’s alot of stalls out there who sells carrot cake with form but without substance.

Every mouthful of it, you can taste the crispy fried egg together with the softness of the kway. The chye poh adds flavour to the whole wonderful experience with a savoury after taste.

Parking might be a headache for drivers. Do go early if you wish to avoid the crowd.

Verdict: Must Try

jago carrot cake
jago carrot cake

Address: 228 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428925
Hours: Mon – Sun 0630-1130hrs (closed on Tues)


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