SATS is one of the best dividend company. Dividends had been steady and growing over the years.

IATA forecast full recovery in aviation to be only 2024. So will SATS see $5.00 in 2024 then?

Part 1: How you can understand SATS 1:42 SATS is mainly food solutions and gateway services Staff cost is usually about 50%. They are a service based business and has shown very good investment ratios. In 4Q2020, SATS registered it’s first ever quarterly loss. in 1Q2021, SATS registered a $43m loss

Part 2: What is SATS strong for 4:58 Food solutions has stagnated. However, Gateway services has grown in revenue and margins. It has a monopoly of Singapore’s air cargo handling.

Part 3: What has CEO Mr Alex Hungate done in these few years to diversify Along the years, SATS has done a lot of JV and investment into associates. This has diversified business from 66.3% singapore to 61% singapore today.

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