Is Having A Business Card Still Relevant?

name card printing

Without realization, Digital technology has taken a toll on our everyday life. In this
digital era, most of the business world is run digitally such as email, a phone call and
obtaining tender. We have lost the sense of humanity in connection with our
prospect. Digital technology does not only take a toll on business but also in society.
Thus, many people think the printed name card is a waste of source as they are not
environmentally friendly and outdated in this modern world. As a further matter, people
started using an electronic name card to connect with people by using social platforms
such as Facebook and LinkedIn. So, why are we still using printed name card while
the social platform is changing the game of business in the modern world?

A. First Impression – As a matter of fact, a business card is a sheet of paper
which contains the key details of the company holder. Usually, business cards
are the first step we use when meeting new people in the business society.
A business card is used as a brief introduction of yourself to the significant
others and it is an efficient tool to introduce yourself in a short time. It was also
a tool used for company branding. Lastly, an unique/ eye-catching name card
design helps to enhance your confidence and impressions.

B. Effective Marketing Tool – Besides that, a Business card is an effective mobile
marketing tool. It was so handy that you do not even need a large space to
store the card, just put it inside your pocket. You can bring along your printed
name card wherever you go. We just need to hand out the card when meeting
the potential clients. It is also very convenient for the business card holder to
hand out the card to the potential client which has a time constraint.
Moreover, you can print your LinkedIn account QR code on the business
card along with the services that you provide. In the sense of we are connecting
the virtual world with the real world. Besides all the technological advancement,
a business card is still irreplaceable.

C. The relationship is more important – a Printed business card is also a good
communication tool to start a conversation with potential clients. We all aware
of that machine can do a better job than human but machine/robot does not
understand human as it was programmed by human itself. We hardly build a
connection with a robot. We still need to maintain a stable and good rapport
with our prospect to get more opportunity for business. A machine can take over
the production part but not in building relations with business partners.

Although the world is revolving to be more digitized, handing out a business card is
still an appropriate gesture in business event. In Hong Kong, it is a courteous
gesture when someone hands out their name card, the other must hand out their
business card as well. So, a business card is still relevant and it is not outdated. So it
is not too late to get a quick and catchy business name card. EasiTech is just a click
away for your name card printing and gets your business journey smooth.


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