I WANT my kid(s) to become a YouTube Star(s)

Photo by Tony Reid on Unsplash
Photo by Tony Reid on Unsplash

What might seem as a surprise for a kid to want to be a YouTube star and maybe even friction to come from other parents, I suppose I do want my kids to reach their dreams. And yes many of them dream to do just that, create an online “business” and make that their career. We as parents have to consider several things as well.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash


Digital Parenting

First, are we truly in control of our kids digital lifestyle. Yes we block their excessive usage of the the internet, but do we know how much they have access while not at home via other channels? If they want or are interested to become a YouTube star they will likely be a fan or follower of one.

They don’t use social media, well than you should not let them have browser access as well, information is now everywhere.

Recall a time when we were young (rather my age) and we found all the means and ways to get hold of an explicit magazine or video tape.

Opportunity Landscape

Admit it, there are people or persons making a living off the internet and the age does not matter anymore. There was a time where you needed to be a certain age to even sell anything. We at our time did not have the opportunity to talk to the entire country, region or world. But our children and ourselves have all the opportunity to do so.

No more middleman, agents/brokers of any shape and size is now not even needed for we are able to access our target customer directly. Even the music scene has changed such that a talent online can in reality become the next tv or movie star. Did you know to become a YouTube star all it took was just one viral video.



This is the biggest opportunity you have to talk to the level of your kids. Explain to them what is YouTube…..it is a marketing channel and platform. Take the time to talk to them on Marketing, your experiences and if you do not know it learn it with them.


Take on an online course or attend a workshop to learn just that and share it with your kids. Learn how to edit videos for YouTube or other channels. It’s also a great time to learn a new skill and a chance to share your opinion with your kids.


Create YouTube channel with your kids. Maybe a family website or a small online store. Teach them the skillsets to survive the new digital landscape. Use the many resources there are online or tips and tricks.


What if….to become a YouTube star does not happen?

It is not whether they become the YouTube star, it is the journey of learning to navigate the digital reality. This is a time where they have all the opportunities exposed to them, many years before we had the chance or the luck of doing the same.

Leave me a comment on what your take on this is.



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