How You Can Get Invested Into GOLD! Warren Buffett BUYS Gold Mining Shares (BARRICK GOLD)



Warren buffett didn’t have much good to say about gold. But recently, he bought into BARRICK GOLD which is a gold mining company.

Barrick gold is worth more than $50B and is the second largest gold miner. Operating cash flow for NEWMONT GOLDCORP and BARRICK GOLD is at 5y high.

Gold/USD per oz has gained 25.9% YTD. #Gold has typically done well in deflationary periods. In previous bull legs, gains were 300% to 500%. Gold mining stocks have underperformed gold until recently few years.

Buying a gold mining share has risk. #barrickgold My recommendation to invest into gold mining is to be diversified. Vaneck gold mining etf is a good place to start.

Unit trust have outperformed. There are two 4* morningstar rated funds namely – United Gold and General fund – Blackrock world gold fund. Watch Video IS IT WISE TO BE INVESTING INTO GOLD NOW?:


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